Restaurante Habitual
Campos Valencia
Restaurante Habitual
Plato 1
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Comida confortable
Las verduras son protagonistas.
De la huerta a la cocina
La visión del Mediterráneo
de Ricard Camarena.
HABITUAL apela a la memoria
Sabores reconocibles
de la tierra y el mar
Cocina sin sobresaltos

COMFORT FOOD. Vegetables have a special place in our menu, but also pâtes, cheese, sauces, fish, meat, pastry and desserts. Readily recognisable tastes from land and sea are combined to produce a hearty comforting cuisine.

HABITUAL is our personal vision of the Mediterranean. Oozing from every pore are gastronomic influences from the Italian coast, from the Mediterranean islands, from Provence in France, and of course from all over Spain, north to south, from Girona to Tarifa.